Four Winning Strategies for Doing Business Internationally


Winning StrategiesThe global business world is full of unspoken codes. Succeeding often comes down to speaking the right language, having the right address, and presenting your product in the right light. The rewards for entering the international market are great. The consequences of failing to appeal to the sensitivities and desires of your target demographic can be greater. Do you need tips for doing business internally? We want to share four tips for rising to the top of the global scene.

Price Your Product Using Local Currency

One of the keys to entering the international market is to erase any barriers to obtaining your product. It is advisable to sell your products using the currency of the region you intend to sell them in. The need to translate prices to local currency could frustrate or deter potential global customers.

Hire a Language Interpreter for Important Meetings

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Success is in the Cards in Las Vegas


CardsThe croupier slides yet another stack of chips in your direction and deals the next hand. You can’t believe your luck today! In just a few hours you’ve more than tripled your money, and you have a feeling that this awesome streak is only just beginning. Behind you, the beeps and bells from the one-armed bandits seem to be cheering you on. It’s your first day in Las Vegas and Lady Luck is definitely flirting with you, big time.

You move to the roulette table, and it’s the same story. The chips are stacking up. You’re making even bigger bets and taking bigger payouts. You take a breather and decide to grab a snack from the casino buffet. You’re chewing on a piece of the most delicious sirloin your mouth has ever had the pleasure of experiencing when you realize that it’s time to cash out. They call it luck because that’s what it is, and luck has a way of drying up at the most inconvenient moments.

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Making Waves in Honolulu


surfer-webYour board on your shoulder, you wade out into the sparkling surf. You’ve been working long hours this week to get your business up and running, and you deserve to spend some face-2-face with some serious waves. You’re feeling choosy this morning and none of the waves seem right: They’re too small, or they break too soon, or they’re in the wrong place. You move down the beach a little and try again. Finally an awesome, perfect wave heads your way. You see it rising out of the water like a sea monster coming up for air. It begins to break and curl. You’re up on your board in a flash and before you know it, you’re riding the tube like a boss. Is there any place more fun and exciting than Honolulu, Hawaii?

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Common Traits of the Most Successful People


success-webYou’re ready to take the business world by the horns and make your ride last. In order to have the best chances at success, take a lesson from trailblazers who have gone before you. Before you open your own business with guns a blazing, think about common traits of the most successful people in the world for an extra bit of guidance.

Go Against the Grain

You need to make waves and depart from the norm. You’ll be taking risks and putting yourself out there, but can reap the benefits when you think outside the box. Consider following the lead of Tim Ferriss. His online business focuses on sports nutrition. Ferriss implemented the innovative concept of prepayment, and thrived because he dared to be different. No matter what idea you have for your own business, remember to set yourself apart from the competition.

Follow Your Passion While Focusing on What Makes Money

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Making a Splash in Minneapolis, the City of Lakes


minneapolis-webYou’ve successfully maneuvered your growing business through the treacherous currents and eddies of today’s business world, and now you’re ready to make a splash in the City of Lakes. Bon voyage! As the Midwest’s second largest economic center after Chicago, Minneapolis is a great place to build a groundswell of interest for your company’s products and services.

Straddling the waters of the Mighty Mississippi, Minneapolis is a perfect confluence of commerce, finance, transportation, and industry. Health care companies, financial institutions, and universities make up the city’s largest employers. Powered by university research and a work force with advanced degrees, the city is a major port for technology too.

From Fortune 500 corporations like Target and U.S. Bancorp to milling and food processing companies like General Mills and Pillsbury, Minneapolis is awash in business opportunities. Before diving into the city’s economic waters, however, you’ll want to ensure your company has what it takes to stay afloat in this competitive business environment. Davinci virtual office solutions can provide you with the tools and tackle you’ll need to succeed.

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Scoring Goals in the City of Saints


montrealAspiring international moguls be on alert. Montreal isn’t all about art and hockey. The City of Saints is the place to be to put your business in the international game. You have the creativity to play with the big boys in Canada’s cultural hub, but do you have the reputation to make it? Putting Davinci virtual office solutions on your team is your ticket to scoring big.

As home to some of the biggest names in software engineering, video games and aerospace, there’s no question that Montreal is an artsy playground for the smart and the streamlined. Your business is ready to join the ranks of other creative startups that made a name for themselves in a UNESCO City of Design. Of course, an artsy reputation means premium price tags, but you’re smarter than the average super-genius. You know that Davinci can put you into Montreal’s business arena without you shelling out big cash for real estate.

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Four Ways to Stay Healthy and Active When You Work from Home


vegetables-webYou’re probably familiar with all the ways working from home can boost your creativity and productivity. Have you ever stopped to wonder if working from home is doing great things for your health? There are many temptations in your house that could put you at risk for long-term health consequences. People who work from home don’t always have access to the same wellness programs and initiatives that traditional employees enjoy. It’s important to be proactive about maintaining a healthy balance between doing good work and doing good things for your health. Here are four tips to avoid the health traps of working from home.

Don’t Sacrifice Your Eight Hours of Sleep

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Victory! Winning the Business Game in Calgary


calgary-webYou’ve worked hard to step up your company’s game and now you’re eyeing Calgary as the best location in which to score your next business goal. Only one factor is holding you back from making a play in the Great White North: limited funds. However, savvy entrepreneurs such as yourself know there are ways to maneuver around the confines of a tight budget so you can shoot to score.

Whether you’re a former Canuck who has done business in Cowtown for years or an American looking to expand your presence in Canada, Calgary is a vibrant, thriving city bursting with financial opportunities. To make your mark on the economic scoreboard, however, you need to be ready to compete with the city’s major players, which include heavy hitters in the nation’s energy, financial, aerospace, and manufacturing sectors, as well as big shots in the tourism, retail and hospitality trades. Davinci virtual office solutions can help you level the playing field.

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Saddle up New Business Opportunities in Phoenix


saddle-webNow that all the hard work you’ve put into making your business successful is beginning to pay off, you’re ready to lasso new opportunities in the Wild West. As a savvy entrepreneur, you’ve picked Phoenix as the next frontier to explore. Before you ride roughshod into a new business environment, however, you’ll want to ensure that you’re equipped with everything you need to take the bull by the horns.

As the county seat and capital of Arizona, Phoenix is the state’s center of commerce, politics, and culture. The heart of the business community pulsates within the Downtown area, a district known as the Valley of the Sun. With real estate, financial services and manufacturing as the city’s leading industries, Phoenix offers you a gold mine of opportunity, but one misstep in this competitive city can send you riding off into the sunset. Davinci virtual offices let you ride high in the saddle without allowing high rents and costly overhead expenses to drag you down.

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Things the Most Successful People Do Each Morning


running-webYou’re an A player, ready to catch the world by the tail with your business model that’s really going to blow all the rest out of the water. To make it work, you want to follow the example of other success stories. Pay attention to how the most successful people kick start their day each morning.

Be an Early Riser

That old saying, “The early bird gets the worm,” is true enough. According to studies, getting up early in the morning can truly give you an edge over the competition as you become more productive and have a better outlook for your day. Steve Reinemund, the man behind the rise of the Pepsi Cola company, starts his day with a run at five in the morning. Starbucks’ president Michelle Gass gets her run in even earlier, pounding the pavement at 4:30 a. m.

Get Focused

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